Demonstrate and share learning

Seesaw is the best classroom platform for meaningful student engagement

How Seesaw works

Seesaw creates a powerful learning loop between students, teachers, and families

Students show learning

Students use built-in multimodal tools to capture what they know in Seesaw’s digital portfolio.

Teachers gain insights

Teachers see all stages of student thinking and progress — enabling them to teach better.

Families connect

Families gain a window into their student’s learning and engage in home-to-school connections.

Unlock creative thinking for all students in any subject

Students explore a variety of powerful and intuitive tools (like draw+record, collage, video, and more!) to show what they know in the way that works best for them

Multimodal learning tools that put student voice and choice first

Intuitive and open-ended, Seesaw’s learning tools empower students of all ages to build and reflect on their knowledge

Watch how students engage with learning in Seesaw

Endless possibilities to create and reflect

Students can use a full screen canvas, expressive pens, labels, shapes, Multipage, and more to demonstrate their learning across all grade levels and subject areas.

Intuitive tools for all learners

Seesaw’s tools are intuitive, open-ended, and meet students where they are, so students at all levels have more options to show what they know. When students can demonstrate their learning in ways that work best for them, they thrive.

Built for all devices, including Chromebooks

Features include a full screen creative canvas, a rebuilt video experience, the draw + record tool, Multipage, touchscreen compatibility, and keyboard shortcuts. Students can add work from Google Drive directly into their Seesaw portfolio and teachers can import Google Classroom rosters to set up Seesaw classes.

Premium creative tools help capture more learning

Multipage and Drafts give students more options to capture robust learning and create and reflect on work at their own pace. Students use Multipage to document learning across multiple pages – using drawing, voice, collage, and more on every page. With Drafts, students can save work in progress and finish it later. Multipage and Drafts are part of Seesaw’s premium offerings.

Students choose how they show what they know

Engage families in conversation centered on student learning

Connect families to see student work and celebrate progress. Up to ten family members can stay in the loop using the Parent and Family app (iOS, Android) or on web

Teacher-parent communication centered on learning

Foster meaningful engagement between home and school

With Seesaw, home-school communication is centered on the student and their learning

✓ Keep student work and family communication all in one place
✓ Build family trust and support with ongoing visibility into student learning

Empower students to update their family about classroom learning

From video reflections to hands-on group projects, students of all ages are empowered to add work to their journal where family members can see it and leave comments of encouragement

Safe communication you can control

Seesaw takes privacy seriously and ensures all data is safe and secure
✓ Student work comes to you (the teacher) for approval
✓ Families only see their own student’s work
✓ You choose if you would like to enable family commenting. All comments come to you first before anyone sees them

Effective messaging for every occasion

Teachers share photos, videos, links, and files in
✓ Private messages to individual family members
✓ Announcements to the whole class (students, families, or both)
Perfect for newsletters, weekly recaps, and field trip reminders

Reach all families — in their language

Help break down language barriers with translation in over 55 languages
Any text written in Seesaw (like notes, captions, comments, announcements, or messages) can be translated at the tap of a button by both teachers and families

Join millions of students, teachers, and families!

Gain insights to meet your students where they are

Understand strengths and areas for growth in real time—then use Seesaw’s multimodal tools to differentiate instruction and meet the needs of all your students.

Provide space for voice, choice, and ownership

Portfolios empower self-reflection on learning over time and engage students in creating something they’re proud to share with others.

Get inspiration for your classroom

Choose from thousands of engaging activities to use seamlessly within Seesaw. Search by grade level, subject, and keyword to find activities made by educators like you

Seesaw protects your privacy

Protecting your privacy is fundamental to our mission and business. Learn more about our longstanding privacy promises in our Privacy Center.

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