Water Quality – Sea Bird

From long term unattended monitoring to spot sampling, Sea-Bird multiparameter sondes offer rugged and flexible options for water quality measurement. Choose from compact options for easy spot sampling or groundwater measurement to the larger, more robust Datasondes for more diverse sensor options and anti-fouling options.

Sea-Bird Scientific HydroCAT-EP

The newest member of the HydroCAT family of water quality Sondes can also measure pH, turbidity and chlorophyll. By plumbing the pH sensor inline with conductivity, temperature and optical dissolved oxygen the HydroCAT-EP is capable of deployments up to three months without requiring data processing to correct for drift.

Sea-Bird Scientific SUNA Optical Nitrate Sensor

With improved optics and built-in adaptive sampling intelligence, the SUNA V2 measures nitrate with industry-leading accuracy and stability over a wide range of environmental conditions. The wide range of optional features offered for the SUNA V2 make the sensor a cost-effective choice for routine nitrate

Sea-Bird Scientific WQM

Ideally suited for unattended monitoring the WQM X employs active flow control, passive flow prevention, light-blocking, active biocide injection and passive inhibitors to effectively and safely combat internal and external fouling. With fouling minimized, the superior inherent stability of the WQM sensors translates directly to superior long-term data quality.

Sea-Bird Scientific HydroCAT

Field proven sensors measure conductivity, temperature, pressure and optical dissolved oxygen. Depending on the application, the HydroCAT can collect high quality data for up to a year. Excellent bio-fouling protection is provided by US EPA-approved anti-foulant devices, integral pump, and unique internal flow path provides stable measurements throughout a deployment.

Sea-Bird Scientific ECOs

The Environmental Characterization Optics (ECO) series of fluorometers delivers both high resolution and wide ranges. The ECO series excels in biological monitoring and dye trace studies. The potted optics block results in long term stability of the instrument and the optional wiper delivers truly long term field measurements.

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