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Cloud Height & Snow Depth Sensors – Lufft

Not only in winter sports snow height is considered an important parameter. On transport routes and railway systems measuring the snow height is equally important. The laser based snow height sensors deliver quick and reliable information about snow height and ground reflectivity. How high are the clouds? How many cloud layers are detected? Is the cloud detection limited by precipitation or mist? These are questions among others around the topics of clouds and visibility which meteorology is dealing with. An answer is delivered by cloud height meters / ceilometers which work with lidar technology.

Snow Depth Sensor SHM31

The laser-based snow depth sensor Lufft SHM 31 stands for millimeter-accurate snow level detection over long distances in all weather conditions without any maintenance, due to opto-electronic/laser based rangefinder technology.

Lufft Ceilometer CHM 8k

The Lidar-based CHM 8k ceilometer detects aerosol profiles & structures, cloud bases, penetration depths, vertical visibility and the sky condition index in up to 8 km.

Ceilometer CHM 15k "NIMBUS"

Exact results due to high sensitivity of the used lidar sensor technology! Reliable and accurate results at any time of the day or night are ensured by long-life laser sources, filters with narrow bandwidth and high-sensitivity photodetectors.

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