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Built-in? Active or passive – or both? With or without below ground temperature measurement? Or maybe you prefer non-invasive? Stationary or mobile? We have them all. Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS), Aviation Weather Observation Systems (AWOS) and Ice detection Systems (IDS) around the globe trust in road sensors from Lufft.

MARWIS - Mobile Advanced Road Weather Information Sensor

MARWIS is the first road and runway weather sensor detecting road conditions, temperatures, friction and other parameters mobile in real time for vehicles.

StaRWIS-UMB - Stationary Road Weather Information Sensor

StaRWIS is the first non-invasive road weather sensor detecting road and runway surface conditions, surface temperatures, relative humidity, dew point temperatures, ice percentages as well as friction non-invasively and based on innovative LED Technology with 4 lenses.

Non Invasive Road Sensor NIRS31-UMB

The NIRS31-UMB is a non-invasive road weather sensor with optical principle. It is mounted several meters above the ground and can even monitor bridges.

Intelligent Passive Road Sensor IRS31Pro-UMB

The passive road sensor IRS31Pro-UMB convinces by its two part housing design and accurate detection of road surface temperature, water film height, freezing temperature, ice percentage and many more.

Intelligent Active Road Sensor ARS31Pro-UMB

Detection of freezing temperatures independently from de-icing materials as well as road surface temperature with the embedded active road weather sensor ARS31Pro-UMB. Easy to maintain through its two parted housing.

Intelligent Active Road Sensor ARS31-UMB

The embedded active road weather sensor ARS31-UMB detects freezing temperatures independently from de-icing materials and is easy to maintain through its two parted housing.

Passive Road Surface Temperature Sensor WST2

The surface temperature sensor measures runway and highway-temperatures highly precise, both on asphalt and concrete.

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